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" Love the world; is there any other place where you could express what is inside yourself?"

Love the World
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"There is a state of comprehension which is prior to words and the identification of myself as separated from the world"
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When my love hold you *

There is nothing in the world stronger than love. If you can connect to that marvelous energy flowing from and into your inside you will be a part of that universal light.

Your love will hold your own pain, observe it, take care of it and let it go. You will be able to hold other people’s misfortunes, those of your closest loved ones’ and of those who aren’t so because you will deeply feel we all are one.

Your love will be able to support nature and take care of the living beings that look at you tenderly with their defenseless innocent eyes.

“When my love hold you” is my embrace, my tenderness, my liberation from attachment and from this society’s superficial things. 

“When my love hold you” will make emerge, from the dark night of the soul, the most beautiful energy you may have ever encountered.

“When my love hold you” is one of the meditations from “Soul Healing Sounds” and a fundamental part of the on-site presencial program for the Amuki experimentation.

*Excerpt from Love the World. Pablojji