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" Love the world; is there any other place where you could express what is inside yourself?"

Love the World
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"There is a state of comprehension which is prior to words and the identification of myself as separated from the world"
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How to Become a Member

For all those institutions and people who feel represented by the aims of the Love the World Foundation and wish to become a part of it, there are three ways to contribute:

Benefactor Member:

For all those people or companies who wish to contribute with money, are compatible with the Foundation aims and accepted by the Administration Board.

Benefactor members will be able to suggest the program/s they wish to support with their contribution. Optionally, their name (personal, institutional or else) will always appear as benefactor members on the Foundation website and according to the amount selected there will be additional benefits.

Once you have sent your form we will inform your of the different collaboration options.

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General Protector Member:

For all those people or companies who wish to collaborate by providing the Foundation with professional support or any goods donation (food, sport items, computers, cleaning products, books, orthopaedic elements, toys, medicines, furniture, stationery, building materials, etc). These members must be compatible with the aims of the Foundation and accepted by the Administration Board. Opcionally, their names (personal, institutional or else) will always appear as general members on the Foundation website.

Volunteer Preotector Member:

For all those people or companies who wish to do volunteer work and are accepted by the Administration Board.

Volunteering is the activity by which a person offers his/her time and skills in order to help the institution to achieve its goals without receiving any economic payment for it. It is an activity that brings deep satisfaction and must be done with real commitment and responsibility since although it is provided voluntarily, the beneficiaries of the programs look forward to it and deserve the best.

Send your message to:


Contact us to receive more information on the category you choose.
Also, the Foundation has the right to declare honorary members (benefactor or general).