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" Love the world; is there any other place where you could express what is inside yourself?"

Love the World
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"There is a state of comprehension which is prior to words and the identification of myself as separated from the world"
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Can I hold you? *

“As my thoughts calm and I breathe deeply I feel a kind of subtle shivering in my back. It is not just any sensation; it is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary ones.  Not the same sensation I get from feeling cold, but instead a small explosion of love and happiness. 

Every time amuki is there and the air fulfills my lungs this sensation appears.
I see your grief because of the ones who have passed away; your suffering, in the streets, with hunger; in the wars created by adults, in hospitals with no space. I see despair in so many places and I ask:  Can I hold you?

Perhaps an embrace is something, a worthier fact than my words, than a thousand words, than those you have heard so many times.

My embrace is your embrace, it means to be there with you and get filled by your fears. My silence can calm them and it will dwell within your soul, waiting for you to contemplate it. To embrace ourselves without expecting anything else is something.

Lying would be impossible if words were born of inner silence.  Only those words are authentic and keep the essence of present.
My embrace is simple and its language does not require any translation or interpretation, it just is.

“Can I hold you?”
is one of the meditations from “Soul Healing Sounds” and a fundamental part of the on-site program for the Daily Fraternal Embrace experimentation.

*Excerpt from Love the World. Pabloji