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" Love the world; is there any other place where you could express what is inside yourself?"

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"There is a state of comprehension which is prior to words and the identification of myself as separated from the world"
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Amuki: Inner Silence *

In order to understand what happens in our lives, it is necessary to observe our inner silence or “amuki”. This silence is found beyond sounds, where the greatest calm dwells.

In the Andean cultures, the inside is represented by Manqhapacha (invisible, cause) and the outside by Akapacha (visible, effect). The perception of both (Manqhapacha and Akapacha) is only possible through amuki or “ceremony of silence”.

The observation of the present and reality without generating any judgement is a part of amuki. Also, when words are silenced and there is calm in the thinking process, then we are in optimal condition to be one with reality. Amuki is the observation of the present.

The sounds from nature and our own are also present in this observation. To contemplate without judging opens the doors to the discernment and intelligence existing inside of every human being.

The silence we are talking about is universal and when it is present, all sounds are heard and every thought is observed given that every single sense of our body is fully working.

This silence is the fundamental, natural state. It is the present, with no time or space. What we perceive and think and all that is happening flow from silence.

*Excerpt from Love the World. Pabloji 2012.