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" Love the world; is there any other place where you could express what is inside yourself?"

Love the World
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"There is a state of comprehension which is prior to words and the identification of myself as separated from the world"
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Peace starts inside

"Peace is only possible through silence. The immense calm enables us to perceive the emergence of impulses and violent thoughts. It enables us to feel breathing changes and heartbeats. The observation of your inner violence is the start of a major change for the new humanity.

What else may a human being who is connected to the present moment do other than put all his effort into improving and taking care of the world? To love the world with its continuous changes is to be tuned in to nature itself.

All external activities promoting peace processes throughout the world must be welcome, but never forget the most important part: peace starts within you.

Peace is closer that you imagine it to be. Peace starts deep inside you. You may go around the world and wouldn't find it. You may go to the outer space and it won't be found there.

Be responsible and honest every day. Lead a life without contradictions and light will grow inside you. Due to the fact that you imagine yourself as separated from the world, you try to change everyone else and convince them of your ideas.

The peace path leads us to inner silence. There is no possible peace in the world if there is no peace inside first. Peace is much more than the absence of wars. Observe the continuos conflicts inside and you will realize how much is required to reach inner peace.

*Excerpt from Love the World. Pabloji

"Peace starts inside" is one of the meditations in "Sould Healing Sounds" and a fundamental part of the on site program for Amuki experimentation.